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• Ladies & Gentlemen. I am both happy and sad to announce the FINAL shows Pleaseeasaur (for now) and the arrival of my NEW project for Comedy Central called JP Incorporated. First...the shows: May 07 2009 - Los Angeles, CA - The Key Club w/ Sleepytime Gorilla Museum May 21 2009 - Eureka, CA - The Accident Gallery w/ Eureka Garbage Co. May 22 2009 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir / Neil Hamburger May 23 2009 - Bellingham, WA - Rogue Hero w/ Neil Hamburger May 24 2009 - Seattle, WA - The Triple Door w/ Neil Hamburger May 31 2009 - Los Angeles, CA - Spaceland w/ Neil Hamburger These will very possibly sell I urge you to get advance tickets sooner than later. I would very much like to see as many of you fine West Coast folks at these shows as possible... to thank you for everything through the 12 years I have been officially touring as Pleaseeasaur. Lots and Lots of special merch deals at the shows and lots of hugs. I hope to see you all. Now...for the NEW and exciting stuff. My new project called JP Incorporated will be releasing a new album on Comedy Central Records in late August. The album is comprised of 40 brand new songs...all of which are TV Theme Songs for shows that do not exist...yet. You will of course be able to hear the theme songs...on the album (LP, CD, MP3) but you will also be able to see them (for FREE) via the corresponding web series for Comedy and Atom Films. There are also several fancy JP Inc. tours planned for this year with Neil Hamburger and others in the USA, Canada and stay tuned for those dates as well as the new JP Inc website and much much more!!! I hope you are as excited about this new adventure as I am...I hope to see you West Coast folks at the final P-Saur shows and to see all of you World-Wide at the new JP Inc. shows!!! Please feel free to leave comments and say hi and goodbye! Too many thanks to you all for everything...ever. JP

• PLEASEEASAUR is on tour this November 2008 in the Western USA! with Mr. Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen ! Be sure to check the TOUR page for the CITY/STATE near you.

• PLEASEEASAUR created the theme song for the new Cartoon Network/Adult Swim series The Xtacles! Which is a spin-off of the hit animated series Frisky Dingo! The Cartoon Network will premiere the first 2 episodes of The Xtalces on Sunday November 9 at Midnight on Adult Swim! Be sure to tune in!

• The AMAZING ADVENTURES of PLEASEEASAUR has been released by COMEDY CENTRAL...and boy is this 2 Disc CD/DVD a HIT. The CD of course features 11 very enjoyable Pleaseeasaur-esque music songs... while the DVD comes complete with 11 hilariously funny music videos as well as a whopping 30 minute cartoon adventure...animated by the wonderful folks from the Cartoon Network/Adult Swim hit series SEALAB 2021 & FRISKY DINGO! So be certain to ORDER this motherfrickin CD/DVD now! You can order it HERE

• PLEASEEASAUR will be on tour in September/October 2008 in the USA! This Tour will include many many dates with Neil Hamburger this tour should be really really fun! Be sure to check the TOUR page for the CITY/STATE near you.

• PLEASEEASAUR will be appearing on the Fair & Balanced Fox News Channel program RED EYE with Greg Gutfeld on Wed June 25 2008 (Check your local listings)

• Pleaseeasaur's really great music albums: The AMAZING ADVENTURES of PLEASEEASAUR (Comedy Central) The YELLOW PAGES (imputor?) and AS SEEN ON TV (imputor?) are now both available on iTunes.

• The NEW Pleaseeasaur Mailing List version 5.0 is even better! Please include your name/city/state/country.













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